Dried roses preserved through floral fine art photographyA unique piece of artwork designed for your home from your own meaningful flowers


$149 booking fee secures our service to collect your flowers and to photograph them in a variety for your finished fine art images.

Your booking fee will be credited towards fine art and products we'll design together during your boutique Viewing/Ordering appointment.
Collection pricing is available.

Fine art pieces can be created on a variety of archival fine art print formats, satin metals, acrylics, or canvas, framed or unframed, as well as other home decor, jewelry, note cards, scarves, etc. We will work together to design and create your final art pieces with your unique style and aesthetic in mind.

Any art piece purchased is accompanied by it's digital file.




8x12       $375

11x16     $450

16 x 24   $575

24 x 35   $680

30 x 45   $800

Connect with us to create your own unique artwork from your favorite flowers!



Offering fine art floral portraiture and unique way to preserve and
honor the special flowers in your life.

We are located in Midtown Phoenix, serving the Greater Phoenix Area

By appointment only

Call or text 602-616-4582 to schedule a chat






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