What is flower & bouquet preservation through floral portraiture?
Tossed bouquets are regretted, and dried and pressed flowers fade over time and become brittle, and it's not always practical to keep them. Floral portraiture preserves bouquets, arrangements, and other special occasion and meaningful flowers in a minimalist way, surrounding you with timeless unique fine art for your home designed and created from YOUR own special florals when at their prettiest.

Where do you offer your service?
At this time, we service the Phoenix Metropolitan/Greater Phoenix area for fresh florals.
We are expanding our offerings to other areas for dried preserved florals - please connect with us to find out more!

When should I place my order?
When you know the date of your event and know your plans for your floral preservation through photography,
or as soon as you receive your flowers, connect with us to check for our availability.

How soon do you need my flowers and how will you get them?
The day after your wedding, event, or occasion, we will collect your flowers from you, your bridesmaid or trusted friend.

What if my event has already happened?
If your event has passed, as long as your flowers have been well-cared for in the past 1-2 days post-event, there's a chance we can still work with them.
If it is too late or the bouquet is damaged, connect with us and we'll see what we can do.
Alternately, if you can provide a photo of the original design, we are able to recreate it with flowers from our florist so you can still honor these cherished flowers.
Please feel free to reach out to ask and we'll do our best to help you.

How will my flowers be photographed?
Your flowers will first be photographed as the original arrangement, then during the next few days as their beauty changes, the arrangement will be carefully taken apart and further photographed in a full variety of unique and artistic ways.  
If possible, we will chat to learn your aesthetic for your art pieces and what in our portfolio draws you in the most.

What tips can you give to care for my flowers before pickup?
If you can, alert your florist that you will be preserving your flowers with photography in the days after your event. During the event, avoid heat and direct sun, lay them down gently to avoid breakage. After the event, place them back in the box you received them in or a vase or other container (trim 1/2-1 inch off stems if so), and place them in a cool, moist and dark place. Give them a light spray of water. A fridge is perfect if there are no freeze zones in there; however never freeze your flowers which will damage them.
You can entrust a good friend or bridesmaid to help you with this part, and we can obtain the flowers directly from them, as well.

Can I have my flowers back when you’re done photographing them?
Since your arrangement/bouquet will be completely taken apart and trimmed during the photography process and will become dry and fragile, returning them is not always practical; but let us know what you'd like to do and we’ll do our best to help you make that happen and/or how to work with other vendors for other projects you have in mind.

How long before my artwork is delivered to me?
Within two weeks of photographing your flowers (or depending on your travel/honeymoon plans), we’ll be able to schedule your Viewing/Ordering appointment. At this appointment, together we will design the final art pieces you love and you will pay for them. Your orders will immediately be sent off for creation.
Within about 4 weeks of this appointment, your orders should be ready for delivery.

How much does it cost?
-$149 non-refundable secures our service; includes collection of your flowers and photography and your personalized Viewing/Ordering appointment.
-At your Viewing/Ordering appointment your $149 is credited towards your fine art purchases. We offer collection pricing for additional art pieces.
The cost of your final art print will depend on the size and medium of your print(s), and any additional digital files. Local delivery of your completed artwork is included.
Fine art prints start at $375 for an 8x12 fine art print and go up from there.
The most popular print sizes are 16x24 ($575) or 24x36 ($680).
Artwork can be designed and created on archival fine art papers, satin metal, satin acrylic, canvas or custom framed. 
We will work together to design and create your final art pieces with your unique style and aesthetic in mind.
We will also assist you with custom framing from start to finish, although we can give your help to work with your own framer if you prefer.

Once your artwork has been designed, paid for and ordered, all sales are final.
Due to the custom nature of your fine art, no refunds or exchanges will be possible;
however we will ensure you are absolutely in love with your choices before moving forward.

Can I have the digitals?
YES! Digital files accompany any corresponding artwork you purchase.
Additional files not used in artwork may be purchased as a collection.


What other art pieces can be created?
We can create a variety of a la carte home decor, jewelry, stationary and note cards, bridal thank-you cards, scarves, etc.
We’ll help you with your choices and make it happen for you!

How can I arrange this as a gift?
Gift your favorite bride a perfect way to preserve her most cherished flowers, allowing her to have uniquely designed home decor that will surround her with memories of her special day.
Please email us at: [email protected] set up a gift certificate for her.

I have beautiful flowers in my garden, can you come photograph those?
Definitely! I know the love and care that goes into a prized garden and it would be my great joy to bless you and your home with unique beautiful home art from your own floral creations.

What other ideas do you have for floral photography?
Along with a vast array of floral, succulent, and botanical images from my own travel and experience available for purchase, we can photograph and document your previously dried or pressed flowers, florals that signify birthdays and anniversaries and any other floral that is special and significant to you.

My mission is to surround you and your home with portraiture that honors the meaningful florals in your life.