Jean Laninga Portraits | Studio Closet & Jewelry Box

All clients are welcome to our Studio Wardrobe. Most gowns can be adjusted in the back to fit. I will assist you in your wardrobe choice to find items that will flatter you! Click on any gown to see more details.
Gown Creation custom sizedGown Creation - custom sizedVICTORIA - Size 2The Butterfly - one sizePEARL - One SizeThe Mermaid - custom sizedSARA - Size 2DELILAH -  Size 4DELLA - Size XSEVA -  Size 4AMY - Size 3/4MADDIE - Size XSEVIE - Size SmallJOANNE - Size SmallKIRSTEN - Size SmallVIVIAN - Size SmallGRACE -  Size 6SCARLETT  -  Size SmallELIZABETH  -  Size 5ANGELINA  -  Size 6