Not sure what outfits best suit your coloring, body type, personality, style, to perfectly convey YOU? Don't wear just anything, wear something that pulls you together and elevates you above the rest. Our Fashion Concierge Services will provide in-depth assistance with your photoshoot wardrobe! 


Clarisse Ringwald


In-Home Styling Package

You will work with Clarisse, a Fashion Feng Shui Master, for the most powerful and authentic image with a 90-minute In-Home Styling Package that includes:

- A mini Essential Colors Analysis to determine the best colors that look great with your skin tone.
- A mini Fashion Feng Shui Consultation to determine your body shape and what types of clothing and their energy enhances your image.
- A mini in-home wardrobe consultation to pair the clothing to wear for your photoshoot.
- You will also receive a mini Styling Portfolio to keep your results at your fingertips.

In-Home Styling Package: $149 special for your portrait session with Jean

Clarisse has been an Image Consultant for more than 25 years, incorporating her skills as a Fashion Feng Shui Master (1 of 4 in the United States) and a Personal Color Consultant certified in Essential Colors Analysis.  She styles both men and women, creating a unique styling experience for each client at her Kierland studio in Scottsdale.  She is a fashion maven, entrepreneur and author. Clarisse is also a licensed trainer and teacher for Fashion Feng Shui International.  Clarisse is part of our team providing makeup for our clients as part of their luxury portrait experience! 

To find out more, visit Clarisse's website at ClarisseColorCreations
To schedule a time to talk with Clarisse about the In-Home Styling Package, email:


Phoenix personal branding portrait sessionPhoenix personal branding portrait session Loren North

Clothing Stylist & Personal Shopper

Business Image Mastery Package

Are you really successful and have it all together on the inside but you haven't mastered dressing yourself? Do you get stressed out when having to dress for a special event or even plan outfits for photos? Because even though you feel confident on the inside, there's a part of you that doesn’t feel good about yourself because you don't know what to wear.  If you feel like you have nothing to wear, don't worry, you've come to the right place.

With either a virtual or in-person session, Loren will guide you through selecting your most flattering outfits for your photoshoot using the clothes you already own. Using her approach, you will learn how to create professional looks for your business activities so that you're recognizable, send the message you want to "say" with your style, all while feeling confident and comfortable. With this package, you will:

- Learn how to show up confidently in your business photos.
- Incorporate colors that enhance your style & brand (including your brand colors if you have them).
- Have your clothing styled to create outfits for your photoshoot that make you feel confident and comfortable

For in-person sessions,  you will bring 5-10 outfit choices with you along with accessories and footwear. If you prefer to work with Loren virtually, be prepared to show your closet virtually (via webmeeting, Loren takes care of the technology side) so she can see your clothes and help you select your outfits. 

Business Image Mastery: $150 special for your portrait session with Jean

Personal Fashion Stylist Loren North works with those who are frustrated with what's in their closets, feel like they have nothing to wear, and usually don't like to shop or don't have time to go shopping. She is a former geologist who traded in her steel toed boots for high heels to pursue her passion for saving the planet by changing how we style, care and shop for our clothes.  Loren teaches you what works for your body, restyles your clothing in new ways allowing you to extract value from what you already own and shows you how to shift your shopping habits so they are more sustainable.

After working with Loren,  her clients look pulled together, feel more confident and comfortable, and dress with ease. Her company is a personal styling consultancy focused on helping men and women create a thoughtful, conscious closet full of flattering clothes.

To find out more visit Loren's website at 
To schedule a time to talk with Loren about the Business Imagery Mastery package for your photoshoot CLICK HERE.