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Mastering your personal brand is imperative to your success. Where are you in the branding process? Are you unsure how to best visually attract your potential clients before coming in front of the camera? You don't have to go it alone! Our Brand Concierge Services are here to help you navigate your branding with a full range of services to help you strategize a plan for your brand and image needs. Anything from helping you develop your purpose and mission and value statement, to identifying all the marketing/media collateral you may need so that we nail it all during your photoshoot.


Jolynn Van Asten


Depth of Brand VIP Session

This session will streamline and define the purpose of your brand and allow you to discover the depth of your vision so that it radiates from you during your branding session. You will leave the session clear about what impact you'll create for yourself and those you lead and serve as you move your branding out into the world.

Jolynn uses Whole Brain Learning in her coaching:

Whole brain learning occurs as you access your inner wisdom within a structure to support the changes you are creating. Creativity + Structure = Impact with your brand. The vision is yours, it has depth, breadth and soul.  Let’s draw that out. With the Depth of Brand VIP Session, you will leave with clear next steps as to how you'll just your brand to grow and influence those you work with, as well as a congruent action plan-based on the results of this process.

We will clarify your purpose with an assessment in order to discover and quickly resolve dormant blocks that impede your branding message.

We will co-create a simple neuroscience-based plan for moving your vision forward so it's smooth, effective, and easy to implement.

We will tap into the bigger impact that you are creating and identify how your brand will magnetize the right partnerships for your to work with moving forward.

The Depth of the Brand Transformational VIP Session contains:

- 90 minute conference with Jolynn via video or in-person.

- Private Online Learning Portal for fingertip access to your session highlights.

- 30 days of unlimited email access with Jolynn to further refine the details of your session.

$397 special rate for your session ($597 value)

Jolynn Van Asten is a certified Brain-Based Leadership Trainer, Transformational Coach, Intuitive Arts Instructor as well as a Visionary Artist. Her forthcoming children’s book The Dream of The Little Buffalo, honors the work being done in the world to eradicate all forms of human trafficking and will offer leaders of organizations and survivors a way to solve problems through Creative processes. She holds experiential learning workshops, trainings, transformational art programs, private and group coaching, as well as retreats. Her soul work in offering these programs to the world reflects that she stands for Peace, Harmony, Compassion, and Empowerment. Jolynn stands for the transformation of suffering, personally and globally, employing Creativity to solve problems.

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Tessabella Jelten


Brand Identity Package

With this package, you will walk away with a clear understanding of the direction your marketing needs to go in order to best connect with your ideal clients. As a business owner or brand, it can be so easy for us to understand what our vision is, but projecting that to the public isn't always a walk in the park. 

Using the Brand identity package, and working hand in hand with me, Tessabella, you will find that clarity and ease in discovering WHAT you want to say and HOW you want to say it through your advertising, marketing and branding. You will leave the sessions with a clarity and a sense of relief, with a comprehensive action plan in hand to start implementing and being effective TODAY! 

The Brand Identity Package contains:

- Consulting 1 hr. (can run longer if necessary, no charge) 
- Branding Strategy Session
- Marketing Material Direction + Efficiency Session
- Brand Identity Clarification 
- Social media + Website Audit with optimization recommendations
- Influencer strategy // discuss how influencers or collaborations with other creators or businesses could help to grow your brand and reach 


$350 special rate for your session ($500 value) 

My name is Tessabella and I have an undying passion for helping business owners to achieve more, generate more business by leveraging social media marketing, and getting really clear on the mission of their company. I work with companies large and small all across the United States, to determine exactly what steps to take in order to build the life, business and results that you desire! My true passion lies in what I do day in and day out, and one of my favorite ways to exercise this love is through working hand in hand with local business owners and Entrepreneurs. Can't wait to connect with you on your journey, and help you clarify your branding and marketing needs! 

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Root & River


The Brand Discovery Process

This Brand Discovery journey takes you inward to a place that we have been told doesn’t matter in business – the heart (gasp!).

As you venture with Root + River cofounders Emily Soccorsy + Justin Foster, we uncover the foundations of your brand: beliefs, standards and one clear message and teach you how to practice them in alignment with your business plan and strategy. 

We teach you how to practice branding every day, in every conversation.

The Brand Discovery Process provides: 

- Message to share. Not just a slogan or one-liner, but a brand narrative message that you can’t wait to share with the world every day.
- Brand Language that differentiates. We coach you to develop core content that can be an endless source of video, blog, website and social content.
- Category to own. It’s not about what you sell – it’s about the experience you create for our clients. Laying claim to a specific and unique category helps you elevate the conversation around your place in the world – and in your market.
- Prioritization of marketing resources. We get that there are thousands of different ways to market a business. We want to help you find the right tools and implement them for maximum impact.

Our engagements typically last 45-90 days and include: pre-session surveying, assessing and coaching, a one-day Root Session for brand discovery, and 30 to 45 days of brand coaching and access to our exclusive community. 

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