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Creative entrepreneurs have the unique opportunity to establish client  relationships instantly with their visual presence. An impressive brand vibe and authentic imagery will speak volumes way before a single line of text is read. Having personal branding images that communicates your core values, purpose and personality, creates connection and establishes trust with customers who haven’t even met you yet.

Preparing for your photo shoot can be overwhelming, so, keeping the focus on YOU, let’s take out the  guesswork in creating the vibe of your photoshoot with styling your wardrobe and shooting environment to perfectly suit your brand  and ultimately convey your message to your audience.  Let’s have some fun and get you seen! 


Choose wardrobe that is professional but also very you and genuine and comfortable. While it should be consistent with your brand vibe and values, it doesn’t have to be what you’d wear on a typical day. Your photoshoot may have an editorial feel and we want to highlight the very best version of you. Think about what you might wear to a speaking engagement, client meeting, or even a cocktail party! You can be bold with your style, and don’t shy away of bright hues with small pops of color. 

Wear your “best colors” and if you don’t already know what they are, you can take a quiz online. If you don’t have a top in your colors, a silk scarf in your colors worn over a neutral-toned sweater or blazer will work. Avoid wearing white altogether, unless it’s a layer underneath a jacket or blazer. With that, choose your colors wisely and carefully. 

What is your brand color palette? Work those into your shoot wardrobe. Include neutrals that are part of your palette in small doses. Animal prints are considered neutral so rock those leopard prints! We will bring consistency in all of the imagery through carefully curating the colors. 

Darker colors can be slimming, while lighter colors can be beautifully fresh. 

Stick with tailored, fitted clothing
Layers can be beautiful and add dimension and texture to images, however, they can add bulk to your figure. Slightly fitted clothes, outfits that hug your curves, particularly on your top half, read better in photographs and are more tasteful and flattering. A snug top with a loose flowing skirt though, can be fabulous. Avoid garments that feel restrictive or require fussing over, and this will enable us to pose you in a nice variety of ways. Avoid shoulder pads, and wear jackets, sweaters or cardigans that are fitted and tailored to your body. A snug, cashmere sweater or a fitted blazer are also great options. Also avoid any fad styles and billowy blouson tops, cold shoulder, dolman or batwing sleeves. They are not slimming in camera.

Understand your body type and what highlights your strengths and minimizes any areas of concern. Wear fabrics that don’t cling to your curves or areas you are sensitive about. Vary the sleeve length to add diversity to your looks. Pass on cap sleeves or sleeveless tops or dresses unless you LOVE your arms, otherwise opt for a 3/4 sleeve length or longer. Overall, we, want your confidence to shine through what you wear! 

Mix your necklines and don't be afraid of showing some collarbone. A modest V-neck is typically most flattering on women for sweaters. Avoid turtlenecks as they can add bulk and shorten your neck in photos. If you wear a jacket or blazer, a scoop neck shell is flattering underneath. Be aware that certain necklines evoke different messages. An off-the-shoulder top tends to appear vulnerable, while a square neck or high neck denotes a more powerful feel.

Though prints add interest to images, do ensure it’s a small, modest, perhaps muted print. Large strong prints or high-contrast patterns and prints can add bulk to your figure and are distracting and draw attention away from your face. We don’t want your viewer’s eyes to be drawn to a large floral print or strong geometrical pattern. Thin vertical stripes of a blazer, a textured woven jacket, or a printed silk scarf accessory are a fun way to add in those prints. Avoid logos or graphics.

We want your face to be the first thing your audience notices when they see your images, so choose these wisely.  Your look can be further stylized with a handbag, attache, jewelry, a watch, a fun jacket or scarf, a headband, killer heels or boots. Color, texture, and layers add visual appeal. We may include detail images of your outfit while we highlight what you are doing, so I also recommend keeping it simple with items that do not steal the show, unless we are also highlighting it as a product you sell. Keep earrings simple and short, and a classic necklace is best. Again, creatives can have more latitude here. 

Consider the underwear you'll need for each outfit. Certain looks call for shape wear or certain types and colors of bras. Wear black for darker outfits, nude for lighter colored outfits, and avoid printed bras as it might show through.


Wear shoes that are comfortable to stand in, walk in, and pose in, and contribute to a good posture, as awkwardness and discomfort will translate to your images. 


Eye glasses can be worn or not worn, your choice. Non-reflective lenses are best, and you may consider a cheap pair of matching readers and pop out the lenses especially if your lenses distort the outline of your face.

 If you have a funky or high-vibe brand, or if you’re in the creative industry, there is more latitude. For example, artists may want to wear bold, beautiful printed dresses or tops, or statement pieces of jewelry that embrace who they are, and reflects their brand. Don’t shy away from your personal style, and wear what you’re comfortable in, within reason. 

With all that said, scour Instagram and Pinterest for ideas on what looks will suit your brand vibe that are professional, yet fun. Allow some time to shop if needed.  Don’t be shy to connect with a stylist to help you with your photoshoot wardrobe. Also check local resale shops or places like Rent the Runway  Just have a backup planned in case what you want becomes unavailable at the last minute.

So, for your outfits, one could be dressier and one perhaps a bit glam – a pretty blouse, pants and heels, a killer dress, or a smart blouse and skirt set. A classic black dress or a white blouse and black pants are always in style. And the second can be more relaxed, maybe casual chic, like jeans and a blouse with heels as a classic go-to look. To elevate casual a bit more, add in a blazer in your brand palette, or a black one with some fun detail and you’ll have a nice variety. 

Clarisse Color CreationsClarisse Color CreationsClarisse Ringwald with Clarisse Color Creations for her KNOW Phoenix 2018 Photoshoot

Fine tune your wardrobe to you brand vibe. If your brand is free spirited and casual, flowing fabrics capture movement, while a shift dress or A-line will say sophisticated and smart. If your brand is trendy, you can play a bit more with popular styles.

samantha capaldi glamour-headshots-personal-branding-scottsdale-phoenix-portraitssamantha capaldi glamour-headshots-personal-branding-scottsdale-phoenix-portraits Still not sure? Email me with photos of what you have picked out, or if you would like assistance styling your wardrobe for your session, reach out to one of my team of stylists who offer personal wardrobe styling, personal shopping, and closet clean outs!



The environment of your session is very important to the vibe of your shoot. Unique locations can give context to your brand and connect you with your ideal client. Think boutiques, cafés, fun coffee shops, co-working spaces, or even a rental that might fit the vibe of your brand. If you love cooking, find a kitchen setting and style it up with cooking accessories and a glass of wine. Do you enjoy exploring and dining out, or do you meet with clients at your city’s hot spots? We can go to your favorite restaurant, your favorite boutique, or nature stetting that matches the vibe of your brand. 

Meaningful props will bring your personality into our images and give your hands something to do. Bring your laptop or other work tools, our phone in a stylish case, your favorite coffee mug or that fun handbag. Aim for items in your brand palette!

Laptop, desktop, phone
Other work tools you use
Business cards, stationary, notebooks/notepads in your brand palette

©2016 Jean Laninga Photography ,November 30, 2016, IMG_022423 copy©2016 Jean Laninga Photography ,November 30, 2016, IMG_022423 copy
Mugs or glasses in your brand palette
Bottle of champagne or wine and glasses, if consistent with your brand
Pens/pencils or other writing tools

Floral arrangements and candles in your brand palette
Picture frames
Books: smaller books for your desk, ones that hold meaning to you and that are visually congruent with your brand, or that are inspirational or business-minded, coffee table books

Scissors/paper clips or other desk or table trinkets
Framed art 
Your own product!
Your pet can bring a fun personality to your images too!

Wardrobe or props, I'm here for you! Reach out during the planning process for feedback and to work together to plan your photoshoot in a way that best conveys your brand and personality authentically and beautifully! 


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