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Do NOT Have Your Next Branding Images Done Until You Read This!!

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Do NOT Have Your Next Branding Images Done Until You Read This!!

As the 2018 KNOW Phoenix Book principal photographer, dedicating four solid months to photographing 70+ women for their brand images for the book, it became increasingly clear that there are at least four essential components that will set you apart and provide you images that you love, that accurately represent you and your brand and create a personal connection with your audience. Imagine how you would feel sharing your card or marketing materials that has an image that you truly love and will set you apart and elevate your brand? 

I’ve clarified four components that work together towards the highest success in clients loving their images, and I’d love to share them with you. Take away one component and we risk failure. 


1.  Wardrobe Styling/Dress for Success:

Wardrobe styling is essential to pulling the look of your brand together. Strategizing your style and wardrobe selection not only ensures you’re speaking your brand, well before you personally meet your clients, you’ll feel amazing in what you’re wearing because it suits you well and you will photograph well. A stylist can help coordinate your wardrobe for these images and you’ll feel confident knowing you both look and feel great in what you’re wearing. 

2.  Hair & Makeup:

Professional hair and makeup styling that is on point is vital to your images and will elevate your brand to the next level, polishing your look and pulling your style together. Even men can benefit from hair touchups and products that reduce shine and even out skin tones. If you don’t love your hair and makeup, you will NOT love your images. 

3. Location:

Where to have your images that best reflects your personality and your brand? There’s always the studio where we can create clean and crisp looking professional images framing you as the subject. Or on location in your environment doing what you do with who you do it with, embracing your own unique individual personality in your brand, giving your images a more relaxed authentic look to your images.


4. Skilled Photography:

Using expertly posed and executed images to reinforce your personal brand, high-quality, skilled photography is the third component playing a crucial role in delivering the authentic personality of your band. It’s one of the most effective ways to enhance your positioning as an expert and instantly connects you with your audience.


As a 50+ woman with lots of images I don’t love, I’ve developed a strong passion for crafting portraits for my clients using all four components listed above in my branding business. I have found through trial and error that when one piece is missing, our success rate decreases significantly. Having a portrait session is a huge investment, not only financially but emotionally, and I want to offer my clients the best service and highest success rate possible. We always start in a strategy consultation to find out how to customize all the above essentials to nail your portraits and implement each component in crafting and designing your portraits. I will take care of you every step of the way so you won’t have to worry about a thing during this very important investment in you and your brand!


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