Jean Laninga Portraits | Phoenix Glamour Photographer - What Exactly IS Glamour Photography?

Phoenix Glamour Photographer - What Exactly IS Glamour Photography?

June 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When I say what kind of photography I do, especially if I only have 1/2 a second to explain, I say Glamour Photography. Response to that can be hilarious - You mean, like GlamourShots? Like Miss America? Like porn? (???)  I see there is a huge misconception and misunderstanding about what Contemporary Glamour is in today's setting. 

Many of us in our 40's - 50's remember GlamourShots with the feather boas, leather jackets, the long gloves, the HUGE hair that was styled in a way that you would not dare step outside of the studio like that, the soft glowey look the images had. Who remembers? Who had one?  I did!  

©2016 Jean Laninga Photography ,April 08, 2017, IMG_3077©2016 Jean Laninga Photography ,April 08, 2017, IMG_3077 I am proud to say, this is NOT what I do!  Though this had it's time and place in the 80's culture, the entire process of having these done along with my then-husband's reaction wasn't conducive to me loving myself in these portraits. Looking at this just brings back a lot of yuk into my soul. The more women I photograph, the more I realize how much extra TLC we need to feel safe in front of the camera, especially if we've been photographed improperly for years. Getting a portrait we love is not simple - There are so many emotions that have torn us down over the years, the effects of another year in our bodies. The insecurities we have, the fear of yet another photograph we don't like of ourselves.

So, the glamour portrait of today has evolved to a more classic, refined look that compliments an individual woman's unique beauty. At the studio, how do we craft glamour photography in the contemporary setting? In an ideal glamour image, there is instant connection with the face, and specifically the eyes. I want the camera to capture your soul and your spirit and the essence of who you are at that moment, and in that specific way you've shared with me you wish to be photographed. It involves producing an image (perhaps a fantasy one!) depicted through a combination of posing, aesthetics, and wardrobe with soft, beautiful light with minimal distractions.

Modern glamour portrait sessions are now an amazing synergy of fashion, fun, and beauty where you can imagine yourself in the glossy spread of Vanity Fair and feel like a celebrity for a day with pre-session consultations, professional in-studio hair and makeup styling, and a couture experience with beautiful light, expert posing and responsible retouching to offer you the BEST results and experience with images you will fall in love with over and over again! Just like THESE!

Let's craft a session for you with photographs you will love by contacting me HERE.



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