Jean Laninga Portraits | Ladies, do you LOVE your Photographs? Phoenix Women's Portrait Photographer Explains why you don't!

Ladies, do you LOVE your Photographs? Phoenix Women's Portrait Photographer Explains why you don't!

April 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

How many of you ladies love the photographs of yourself? I have spoken to hundreds of women about their photographs, and so very few have said they actually do love them. I find this incredible, and I feel  frustrated and sad and it breaks my heart every time I hear it. These are all kinds of women, business women who use their photographs on their cards and web presence, for social media, on their dating sites, displaying in their homes.  Phoenix and scottsdale glamour and headshots photographerPhoenix and scottsdale glamour and headshots photographer

Women have told me many reasons why they don’t like their photographs; they felt uncomfortable with the photographer because they didn't know what to do and felt awkward, didn't know how to smile, or have reassurance that they looked okay. They didn't like how their hair or makeup looked, or they didn't realize their favorite outfit didn't flatter them well in their photos, or simply their necklace was off-kilter. Maybe she had a little more weight on, or there was still that thing on her cheek or her bra strap was showing.

Maybe she does not feel comfortable having them done now because she doesn’t like where she is life right now and fear her emotions and stress will show, maybe it’s her hair or her skin at that moment. Maybe she's afraid of not liking her photographs yet once again. Every woman has their own reason. I've heard it all... It comes down to this...You've never been properly photographed. All these things keep us from not only loving our photos, but keep us from closing the gap between the last photographs we have because we fear we'll be unhappy again, and we're probably, unfortunately, right. 

Along with just disliking our photographs, is that we as women are naturally pensive to be in front of the camera anyways. We hardly feel photogenic or ready. Ever. We’re always behind the camera taking photos of our precious ones, but it’s a rare photo of us WITH our precious ones. And then when they grow, they go looking for photos of themselves with us, they are far and few between if not completely non-existent. 

I want her to be aware that no matter what discomfort she may have with getting a proper portrait done, the ones who love her could not care less about her self-critical issues. They only want to have precious memories and moments for themselves. They do not see the things she is uncomfortable with, and instead see their beautiful mother and friend and mentor. Yes, we can have stunning proper professional portraits done for ourselves so that we know and have proof of what we look like and that we are indeed very beautiful, but we do it also for those who love us so very much, so that they have these memories of us. 

As a woman myself who specializes in working with women, I am super aware of our issues of having portraits done, and dedicate my service to helping you overcome or push past those sensitivities and how those are memorialized. I am unable to make you love everything about yourself, however, it is my promise, and my job to make you photogenic by feeling safe, comfortable and fabulous through attention to every detail along the way, beginning with the first question "how would you like to be photographed?" and guiding you every step of the way. The end result is beautiful photographs of yourself that you love and are proud of and that your children will cherish! Imagine how proud you'll feel giving your business card to a prospective client with that image of yourself that you love! Imagine having that photograph you love on your social media, dating, and networking sites! A recent client admitted "my husband had to drag me into this because I hate having my photos taken because I'm NOT very photogenic, but I love these and now we have a legacy for our children - I'm so happy we had these portraits done!" 

What better time than now to pamper yourself with a day all your own to have that professional portrait done to celebrate right where you are in life now?

Don't wait, have portraits made for you, for them, forever. Connect with me HERE, or call me at 602-616-4582 to schedule a complimentary consultation that brings you one step closer to beautiful photographs that you love.

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My private studio in Downtown Phoenix Arts District also serves Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and the surrounding Central Phoenix Valley.  Here, I promise to treat you to an amazing portrait experience where we create portraits that elegantly celebrate who you are in timeless, classic, legacy images that will be treasured for generations to come. I work with all women of all ages and all body types and would love to provide photographs you LOVE of yourself. I provide general portraiture, business & headshots, elegant and classic lingerie & boudoir white-sheets sessions, contemporary glamour and beauty photography.

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