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You've scheduled your session and are anticipating the big day!  So, a week or so beforehand, you can start planning, and paying close attention to four areas that can make your finished portraits their best. They are the face, hair, hands, and skin.

The ideas below are definitely not required or necessary; choose what fits in with your budget, lifestyle, desired pre-session pampering-style, and current beauty regimen, and go from there!


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Clean & Whiten Teeth.  Get your regular cleaning the week before your session to remove any stains, and use whitening strips that can work in a week to give your teeth that extra sparkle the day of your session.

Facial Skin. Pimples and blemishes are very easy to cover with makeup. Scabs, wounds and flaky patches are more tricky. As soon as possible, be very gentle with your skin.  

Use an exfoliating cleanser or cloth on your face and body to exfoliate a couple times before your session, and be sure to allow a few days between exfoliations, as well as a couple days after the last one before your session. Also pay close attention to the areas around piercings that they are exfoliated and calm as well.

If you do any professional or home facial, do it at least a week before your session. Since facials tend to cause redness, a week usually allows enough time to heal.

Have your eyebrows waxed/threaded at least a few days before your session. Otherwise, do an eyebrow trim/touch up at home a day or two before the session. 


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 If you color your hair, touching up any regrowth three days before your session should be just about right. This is not the time for big or new changes so avoid doing anything risky or different right before your session. 

Neat, healthy hair is and vibrant and behaves better in the studio. Think about getting a trim at least, no more than a few days prior to your session to really bring out the best in your hair.  Consider a professional conditioning treatment, or you can use your favorite deep conditioner or protein pack at home. Extensions can also be a fun addition to your special look for your portraits.



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Have a manicure and a pedicure done. Your fingernails will be in the photos as we use the hands a lot in posing.  Also, your feet may be in some photos (especially lingerie, white sheets, or floor poses) so do pay attention to your feet (buff calluses, moisturize, etc). 

Neatly shaped, clear nails are always perfect. Soft, neutral colors work well for fingertips. Toes can be any color, just ensure the color will compliment your wardrobe

Clean your jewelry. You can use toothbrush and toothpaste at home, or stop by a jeweler for a thorough sonic cleaner for your important bling (wedding rings, etc).

Your Man.  If your man is joining you for your session, ask him to pay some attention to his nails and hands and that they're neat and moisturized and to bring some lip moisturizer to calm any chapped lips.




Waxing/Shaving.  Wax a few days before your session to give yourself a few days to heal any redness/irritation. Shaving can be done the night before, including the underarm and bikini areas, especially for lingerie or shite sheet sessions. 

Spray Tan. Also do any spray tans no more than a couple of days prior to your session. 


Photo retouching can make all our outer flaws go away, but you and your loved ones will enjoy seeing you just as you are and seeing the perfect woman they so love. There are some things about us that no amount of preparation or retouching can correct or modify, and would you perhaps not really want to anyways, like birthmarks or scars if you feel that they are part of who you are, while some you'd rather have retouched out.  We can discuss your preferences and either way is perfect. It’s your face, your body, your photos.

Hydration. Most importantly, be well rested (no partying the night prior), and well-hydrated so that your skin glows and is at it's most supple. 


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  • Come with a clean moisturized face
  • Use moisturizer all over 
  • Clean, dry hair from the night before
  • Come in loose-fitting clothing that doesn't bind or leave marks on your skin (to sit in while you’re being styled)
  • Your outfits we chose at your styling session
  • Manicured nails
  • Clean rings and bling






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