Jean Laninga

Studio Owner / Lead Photographer

My name is Jean. I am a professional portrait photographer, and I am honored that you found your way here.

For any woman who may not have had her photograph taken in years or had a day all her own, my promise is to celebrate you through a legacy of timeless, classic, elegant portraits that you will not only love and be proud of, but will be cherished for generations to come.  

Although I photograph anyone, my passion is for women my own age, in their 40's-50's and up. I get where you are in life; children growing up and out, health changes, our own parents aging, career changes, and we see and feel life's toll on our bodies and souls and don't feel as beautiful as we did in our 20's - 30's, we shy away from the camera, even the mirror, and we are uncertain of what we look like; we are absent from our own life story. I want to tell your story with you of all the phases of your life. I want your children to have beautiful images of you when they go looking for photos of you. This is for you, this is for them, this is forever.

As a woman who struggles to see her own beauty, I've made it my mission to create the most beautiful images you've ever seen of yourself. I invite you to a personalized boutique portrait experience where you will be guided every step of the way with skill and love, you will fee empowered and confident. It is my job, my passion, that your session is a life-changing experience that transforms you for the better and your photographs take your breath away, and you say "Oh my goodness, is that me?"

I have been working as a professional photographer since 2008, and currently work out of my private studio space in Central Downtown Phoenix. I am a graduate of the Sue Bryce 12-Week business startup and current member of Sue Bryce Education who mentors to photographers in business.


David Laninga

Studio Owner / Administrator

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As Jean’s right hand man in charge of things behind the scenes, David is a skilled graphic designer, second shooter, general studio administrator, and all things geeky needed to run the business. He assists with graphic design, consulting, bookkeeping, and events at the studio.

He is well-established in the printing industry with immense knowledge in digital artwork since the 1980's. He started in photography during school and has been involved in digital photography since the 1990’s. 

David spends his recreational time photographing the intense monsoon storms in the Phoenix Valley and produces beautiful movies via timelapse and drone footage.



Debbie Verver

Hair & Makeup Stylist, Owner Makeup by Debbie Verver

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Debbie started her career in the cosmetic industry 24 years ago, developing her talent through training sessions, seminars, apprenticeships, and hands-on projects ranging from fashion shows to photoshoots. Through her appreciation of beauty and expertise in color theory, her experience has allowed her to learn and continue to grow in this ever-changing industry.

Debbie offers a number of services that would accommodate any client in the studio. She is trained in HD (high-definition) and offers airbrush foundation for that flawless, long-wearing, natural finish. Debbie also has a background in training, and is available to teach correct colors and placement to ensure confidence that your makeup will always look it's best for your face and style.

Debbie enjoys working with our clients, helping to make their vision come true for their special day where she works hand in hand with our client to achieve that perfect look she has always dreamed about. She uses airbrush foundation for that perfect finish that will last the client all day, with 10-14 hours of wear. She also has a wide variety of false eyelashes to choose from to complete the beautiful creation. All of her products are high quality and long wearing for your special day.



Creative Director, Supervisor

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Rufy has fulfilled the role of Creative Director and General Studio Supervisor since I started this humble business in 2009. His mixed heritage of German Shepherd and Terrier contribute to the studio with skills making sure all things are safe and pass his rigorous inspections. His constant supervisory skills are put to use overseeing all aspects at my home office where he keeps by my side as we work. 








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Phoenix, Arizona

Email:        Phone:   602-616-4582

Our private boutique studio is located in the Historic Arts District in downtown Phoenix and serves Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and the greater Phoenix Valley where we offer portraiture, and specialize in glamour, beauty, and women's fine art portraiture. By appointment only.  Call 602-616-4582 to schedule your complimentary consultation.