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I found Sheila of Goats Makes Soaps when I won a huge gift basket of her absolutely beautiful soaps at a silent auction, and was immediately intrigued with her business philosophy, integrity of her product line, and her production processes. Since I so enjoy working with and supporting local artisans, we decided to work together to document her processes and something about herself to add to her web presence and create promotional marketing materials.

The first step in her promotional marketing process happened today, as I recorded and photographed her booth and products at a local farmers' market.

I hope you enjoy seeing and learning about her products as much as I do - I just wish you could see and smell the true deliciousness of these soaps :)

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Goats Make Soap Promo Video

Marketing_Video_Project_for_Goats_Make_Soap_720p ©2016 Jean Laninga Photography ,October 26, 2016, IMG_2688©2016 Jean Laninga Photography ,October 26, 2016, IMG_2688


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